The Bride Experience Commercial

The filming of "The Bride Experience" was so much fun and involved so many vendors that I thought sharing the making of the commercial with behind the scenes footage and production notes would be fun to read. Join us on the journey of concepting, producing, and executing an entire day at The Van Dusen Mansion for "The Bride Experience". 

But first, let's start at the end and watch the final commercial...

What does the day of your wedding look like with WarPaint International? Take 2 minutes and see for yourself. 

The vision behind "The Bride Experience"

Everything starts with a vision. And when you're working with creative professionals that know what they're doing, sometimes your ideas can really come to life. We work with a professional videography company that shoots our seasonal Trend Collection, Holiday shoots and more, to concept, produce, and execute the stories that we want to tell. Take a look at these initial storyboards that eventually became the finished product you just watched above. 

The Production Schedule

7:00AM - Arrive at Van Dusen (bring in gear, get coffee/food table setup, start base makeup/hair for Robin) Katie & Naseem doing Tara’s makeup & hair.

The Van Dusen Mansion

The Van Dusen Mansion

7:15AM - Setup bedroom scene (block light from window, build camera)

Setting up the bedroom at Van Dusen Mansion

Setting up the bedroom at Van Dusen Mansion

7:30AM - Shoot bedroom wake-up scene

The bride's "wake up call".

The bride's "wake up call".

8:00AM - Setup room and film for Artisan Prep Scene.

Engle / Olson Videography
The Makeup room at Van Dusen Mansion

8:15AM - Film Artisan Prep Scene

8:30AM - Start filming hair and makeup (Tara + Katie & Naseem)

The men


- Film Erik + groomsmen getting ready

11:30AM - Film First Look // End Scene

Scene 2 The Booking Process

The booking process video. Watch how WarPaint International walks you through the bridal consultation process. 

Hear WarPaint Founder, Jessica Mae, and her right-hand lady Mariah, walk you through what the booking process looks like with WPI.

The dress, the ring, the flowers

The bride was drenched in luxury and beauty. The gown was provided Minneapolis bridal boutique, Posh Bridal Couture. The amazing flower bouquet was designed by Jessica Wonders Events & Floral. And lastly, our beautiful bride Tara, was outfitted in nearly $100,000 of breathtaking jewelers from a small, family owned jewelry shop in downtown Minneapolis called Gittelson Jewelers. 

The Models, Crew, Team, & Vendors

Vision/Producer: Jessica Mae | WarPaint International
Director/Videography: Gerick Engle | Engle Olson
Art Director/1st A.C.: Jenny Olson | Engle Olson
Location: Van Dusen Mansion

Wedding Consultant Team

Jenni Marko
Claire Donnelly
Erin Cooney
Kristina Johnsen
Amy Stenstrom

WPI Artisans

Naseem Rafiei | Makeup Artisan
Katie Rote | Hair Artisan & Director of Education
Mariah Jere | Market Manager & Artisan

The Cast

The Bride: Tara AnnMarie Thatcher
The Groom: Eirk Alan Thompson
Bridesmaids: Ashley Lynn Graaf, Justina Proue, & Kim Graaf
The Groomsmen: Sammy J Koza, Michael Gittelson, Ron "Maceo" Wright

The Vendors

The Bride's Dress: Posh Bridal Couturé
The Bride's Diamond & Jewelry: Gittelson Jewelers
Bowties/Neckties: Mill City Fineries
Bridesmaids Dresses: Flutter Boutique
Florals: Jessica Wonders Events
Wedding Party "getting ready" Robes: Oh Sugar Studio 
Hair/Makeup/Production: WarPaint International Beauty Agency (yours truly)

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