Wedding Day Nail Trends

Top 8 Nail Trends of 2017 Weddings

At a wedding, the focus is on the newlyweds, the complete future wife image, and your selection of dress to choice nails is especially evaluated. Trends can help you look on top even during such critical moments. It is important that you know all the subtleties that go into wedding nails in 2017.

It is important that you know all the subtleties that go into wedding nails in 2017.

The wedding involves a creative approach to nail art, using drawings, rhinestones, and paintings. The year 2017 is especially relevant to fashion and art during the all-important event where grooming the newlywed’s hands demand dexterity. If you are lacking in vision or just need to find out more about bridal nail trends, check out this list of eight best bridal nail trends that can also serve as a gift through services like Target Wedding Registry.

The Jeweled Embellishment

Nothing is more beautiful than that special moment when your husband slips that ring onto your finger. The ring is a symbol of eternal connection that should be offered the greatest honor. One way of honoring the ring is through adding special jeweled embellishments on the ring finger – and the extra adornment hints at the finger’s special job and significance in your life.

Embellishments are all the rage; the trend features a basic manicure in a single color like nail polish by Pink Gellac and special embellishments just on the ring finger. Not only is the trend gaining momentum in Miami and New York, but it is also a popular choice for women of every age.

Floral Elements

Maybe, your wedding is to take place outside, in a large church, or a beach. No matter your wedding’s venue, there will always be flowers around you. In most cases, flowers are incorporated into the veil, dress, décor, and bouquet; but this year, consider incorporating floral elements into your nail design.

If you love experimenting with your nails, then bright florals may be just what you want. The cute flowers will brighten up your beautiful attire as well as your bridal makeup. However, creating the look does require a steady hand and some good amount of practice – so, it can be challenging for your non-dominant hand.  

Ombre Nails

Originally a hair color trend for many years, ombre has slowly worked itself into wedding nails. Like the hair craze, ombre nails are about creating a color gradient where a lighter color gradually blends into a darker one. Moreover, just like hair, finding the perfect ombre nail balance takes practice.

The process starts with prepping the nails with a base coat and picking three shades of the same color. Paint the lightest shade on the entire nail and use a makeup sponge dipped in the darkest color to paint from the tip of the nail down to about a third of the way. Sponge the shade that is between the other two to the middle of the nail, blending both colors together, and complete by applying a coat to smooth.

Crystalline Glitter

Another popular bridal phenomenon is the gorgeous crystal encrusted glitter nails. Highlighting your nails this way adds a special glamour and glitz to many different types of bridal traditions. This nail art also works at the reception just as it does during the main ceremony – imagine the sparkle when you lift your hand and your partner places the ring on your finger.

French Tip Manicure

Back in the 90s, French manicures were the rage, but fast forward to 2017 and they have made a comeback with a new look. Apart from changing the tip color, to making it look extremely edgy and adding a fun design, french manicures will have you shine as you stand at the altar. After all, weddings are about tradition and this wedding nail trend is the perfect way to embrace the best parts of your past and heritage while creating a new path into the future.

French manicure - top 8 nail trends

Nail Lace Cuff Effect

Delicate as lace, these gorgeous nails mimic the intricate lace designs that grace the cuff of bridal gowns. The lacework cuff effect embellishment is a popular bridal nail trend in 2017. You have the option of choosing this type of embellishment for every finger or make a subtle statement and only decorate a few.  

Henna-Like Nail Embellishments

Inspired by the ancient cultures in Egypt and India, intricate henna patterns were originally painted on the skin, but they can also be reimagined on your nails. However, did you know that this form of nail art has been around for more than 7,000 years? These lovely nails will also look great on henna-covered hands or as part of the subtle decoration for brides from any cultural background.

Negative Space

The thing about this 2017 nail trend is that it involves letting your natural nail show through as is. However, the negative space nail trend means that your fingernails’ middle part is nude, decorating the tips or sides of the nails. The best look for you would be vertical or horizontal lines.

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