Top Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Morning

Top tips for a relaxed wedding morning.

Insights on must-do things on your wedding day morning are critical for the success of such and auspicious occasion. The reason is that the wedding day is one of the most important events in the life of any human being who believes in the sanctity and dignity of marriage. Additionally, the morning of that day can cause many unexpected challenges that can disrupt or even cancel the wedding day.

At the very least, hand your phone to your maid of honor or a trusted friend and put them in charge of communication and basic decision making. 

Here, many brides have different thoughts confronting them with “what ifs?”. Some of them worry about the possibility of the bridegroom showing up late while others about some misfortune befalling them or their bridegrooms.  Whatever the reason, you can make deliberate efforts to remain relaxed so that you approach your wedding with a sober mind. In our post, we'll look at some top tips that will enable you to achieve this elusive calm.

Lay out your dress and accessories

Your wedding gown and beauty accessories are critical tools you will need to look “wow” on your joyous day. Therefore, lay them out so that your photographer does not disturb you to make hasty adjustments while taking those memorable photos of you as you leave your parents’ house.

Get to bed early

If you want to enjoy the morning of your marriage ceremony, get to sleep early and be in a relaxed mood on the eve of your wedding. The reason for this is that a good night's sleep will help in calming down your excitement and keep your mind relaxed all through the night as you count hours and minutes to say, “Yes I do.”

Getting good rest is not just for your wedding day. You may want to check out these top tips to get your beauty rest. The age-old idea of having a bachelor/bachelorette party the night before your wedding is bad news for you, your future spouse and your family. Stay focused and enjoy the biggest day of your life.  

Spoil yourself

Top tips to keep you relaxed on your wedding morning

Another tip to help you remain relaxed on your auspicious day is spoiling yourself that morning. You can have a warm bath with oil, and if you want to take it a notch higher, you could add some soft flower petals.

Additionally, you can switch on your favorite music and light candles to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere. If you have challenges along the way that make your day look impossible, switch on your favorite soft music to give you that much-needed strength to go on. This way, you will focus your mind on the fact that the big day has finally arrived and you can celebrate every part of it without worrying about what lies outside the doors of your parents’ house or your single home.

Eat Well

Do you want to remain focused and relaxed on your wedding day? Then you need to pay attention to what you eat on that beautiful and memorable morning. You need to pamper yourself with your favorite breakfast to take you through to the last hour. You should also avoid meals that can make you feel bloated should your nerves get to you. For example, some scrambled eggs, fruit, coffee and water throughout the day would be a great choice. Fried foods and a 16 oz rare steak - not so much. 

Get a quick workout

If you want to get your mind ready for the greatest day of your life, you have to take time in the early hours of the morning to do some basic workouts. Since a good workout is a proven way to release pressure and stress, you'll be able to approach the big hour calm, relaxed, and without jitters.

Go offline

Anyone living in this digital era knows just how destructive the phone and the social media can be. On this auspicious day, it would behoove you to switch off your phone and internet connection to avoid incoming messages and phone calls that can steal your joy and peace of mind on that day. At the very least, hand your phone to your maid of honor or a trusted friend and put them in charge of communication and basic decision making. 

I can't stress this one enough. 

Maintain order

Tips to keep you relaxed on your wedding morning

If you want to avoid falling into unnecessary stress and jitters, you should remain organized up to the very last detail. It is necessary for you to place everything in its rightful place and condition so that when the morning comes, you do not stress yourself trying to find this or that item. If a disorderly situation arises, you can rest assured that you will get angry, distressed, and walk down the aisle in the wrong mood.

Surround yourself with loving and caring people

Last and most important, you should surround yourself with strong, loving, caring people on your wedding morning. Nothing will keep you strong like knowing you have people around you who have your best interests at heart. If your parents are available, you should take advantage of that limited window as they see their “child” or “baby girl” in their home for the last time as she becomes “Mrs.” Remember, the most important person in this equation is your future husband, who is excited to be your "rock", to calm you, and to give you as much as love as possible leading up to the last hour. 

Remaining calm and sober on your wedding day morning is absolutely necessary for the success of your marriage ceremony. If you can take some care to implement these tips into your wedding morning preparation, you will have controlled almost everything that you can by yourself, leaving you strength and some piece of mind to deal with the unknown. 

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