The Top 5 Wedding Planning Pieces of Advice from Wedding planner & expert, Jessica Wonders.

Planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful things in your life. Often times, this is the result of your family, your friends, your timelines, etc. Many brides forget that their wedding day is ultimately about you and your fiancé - no one else. One of the best ways to avoid all of the unnecessary frustration is to hire a professional Wedding Planner. If that's not an option, then take these Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips to heart.

Jessica Wonders Wedding Planner

Jessica Wonders

Professional Wedding Planner






1. Everyone has their own ideas on what the planning timeline should look like, but to effectively plan a wedding with as little stress possible; how soon in advance should a bride & groom begin planning their wedding and what items should they secure first?

Great question! In order to effectively plan a wedding with little stress it is a must to begin the planning process at least 12 months in advance. The ceremony, and reception venue(s) should be secured first!

Pro tip: Some venues are booking up to two years in advance.

2. The Dress. Quite possibly the most important item of the day. What advice can you give brides-to-be on where to look for “the dress", what to expect when shopping and how far in advance should she order to avoid rush fees?

The dress is for sure one of the most important items of the day! I would say to look at more than one bridal dress shop if you don’t find “the one” at the first shop. A few of my favorites in the Twin Cities are; Bella Bridal boutique, Posh Bridal, and Luxe Bridal Couture. Expect to have a ton of fun! Start shopping at least 10-9 months prior to the scheduled wedding date.

Pro tip: Don’t bring your entire wedding party or a huge entourage of people. Bring 2-3 people whose opinions for your wedding day attire matter to you most. The more people you bring, the more confused you will be.

3. What is the difference between hiring a day-of wedding planner and purchasing a planner’s full planning package? What are some pros & cons?

Both day-of planning and full planning can differ between Wedding Planners. The biggest overall difference is that with hiring a day-of wedding planner, you will fully plan your wedding on your own and have extra help to execute your wedding plans on the actual Wedding Day. A full wedding planning package involves help in every step of the way with every single aspect involved in the planning process.

Day-of Wedding Planning Pros: Allows you to get married on the day of your wedding - stress free, knowing that you have someone there to help take care of things when unexpected situations arise (and they will). 

Day-of Wedding Planning Cons: All of the planning details and stresses throughout the wedding planning process are on you. In my opinion planning a wedding can be a full time job in itself, so adding that to the average person’s typical work schedule can be a lot to handle.

Full Wedding Planning Pros: Your wedding planner will make sure you are getting items checked off on time, while staying in budget. While also serving as what I call “Switzerland” when it comes to differing opinions between family and the engaged couple. This may be the single most important feature. 

Full Wedding Planning Cons: It can be costly, but is so very worth every penny.

Pro tip: If it fits the budget, go for the full planning package. You won’t regret it!

4. When hiring a Wedding Planner; what is the number one thing a bride should look for?

When hiring a wedding planner (in my opinion) the number one thing to look for would be chemistry and communication. You have to have good chemistry and “mesh” well with your wedding planner, because you will be spending a lot of time together during the wedding planning process. Communication is big item to consider because not everyone communicates with others in the most effective way. Make sure your potential wedding planner’s style fits your needs.

Pro tip: Great customer service and timely communication in a wedding planner is very important!


5. Every person has the one “over bearing” family member or friend who offers to (or just simply) takes over the wedding planning for the bride. What advice can you give brides-to-be that are facing this challenge, but don’t want to hurt their family member or friend’s feelings by hiring a wedding planner?

Oh yes! We all have that “someone”. My best advice is to find a task that needs to be done on your wedding day that you feel comfortable giving to that person. An example might be something like transporting items from the ceremony location to reception or passing out the programs.

Pro tip: Just remember it is YOUR wedding day!

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