The Top 5 Bridal Hair Tips

One of the most important factors in a Bride's decision process for her wedding day is how to care for her hair and achieve the look that she desires. More importantly, how well will wedding day hair withstand the ceremony and the reception. Artistic Director, Benjamin Rodich shares his secrets to some of the most commonly asked questions that we have from our Brides.

Benjamin Rodich. Artistic Director WarPaint International

Benjamin Rodich

National Artistic Director for Hair. 

WarPaint International Beauty Agency.

Contact Benjamin with Wedding Day Hair questions.

1. For clients who have dry & damaged hair; how long before the wedding should they get on a care routine in order to repair their hair and see results?  

It all depends on the style that the beautiful bride is looking for.  If your hair has been compromised by excessive bleaching, a care routine which includes deep weekly conditioning, monthly haircuts, and also a product regiment by Kerastase that your Kerastase Stylist can recommend .  My "must have" recommendation for any bride is "Initialiste" by Kérastase.  It will help your hair grow faster, be super shiny, and also help to give a denser feel.

2. How long before the wedding do you recommend getting a hair cut & color? 

If your Wedding Day Hair is going to be different from your usual style, I would design a Hair plan to ensure a flawless day. I recommend a cut and color twelve weeks before the wedding to make sure it comes out the right way. Then, two weeks beforehand (unless you are a bleach and tone, in which case you'll want about a week out) color and treat with deep conditioner. No haircut within 3 weeks from your wedding. 

3. What type of extensions do you recommend if a client is wanting to add length & volume to their hair for their wedding?  

Always ask your stylist for their best recommendation.  Tape-ins work very well for adding thickness around the face, otherwise I prefer clip-ins the day of your wedding on most brides.  Of course you'll want to make sure they are cut and colored to match for your final wedding day Hair look. 

4. For the day of, some stylists recommend having hair that is a few days dirty so it holds better. Is this true and if not how should a client prepare their hair for the day of their wedding?

Never.  Clean Hair is always the way to be wedding day ready :-). At WarPaint International, our Artisans are equipped with the professional products needed to add texture and grip so that your style feels secure and comfortable.  On your wedding day, most of us will ask a bride to wash her hair that morning and apply the amount of conditioner needed for the hair texture she has.  Also, please refrain from using any styling products unless directed.  We will spray, wrap, set, pin, straighten, curl, and provide you with the all the luxuries that your wedding day needs.  Always consult with your stylist if you have any questions.  We are here for you, always.

5. Many brides struggle with what hair style to pick for their big day. What are your recommendations for choosing a hair style that fits the bride’s personality, the venue & the dress?

In today's world? PinterestFacebookInstagram, Magazines, Bridal shows, Google, your friends who have been married, your hairdresser,  and yes, even the Mother of the Bride :-).  You have endless tools to help you find the perfect "I do " hairstyle to make your day magical.  Many Brides today will send us "Pins" from Pinterest, as its fun to scroll through the options and easy to communicate with our team of WarPaint Artisans. Also, please consult our Wedding Gallery at the WarPaint International website.

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