Beauty by Intuition. Hair & Makeup Inspiration from NYFW Spring / Summer 2016

From the Director's Chair

The streets of New York City were alive this year as the runways were rolled out. Champagne was toasted and the designers of our industry sent their blood sweat and tears down the runway at New York Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016.  For a year, designers tirelessly work, and in 3 hours from the beginning of hair and makeup to the final walk, it’s over. 

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Looking on Trend

It would be logical to think that this season’s hottest hairstyle looks would be walking down the runway in full force.  I would like to take you on a different journey this year...  Lets go into the home of the woman whom, unlike fashion designers, doesn’t have a hair and makeup team at her disposal, for their models strutting the runway.  She wonders, “ How will I show up and look on trend?” “ How will I belong?”

I speak of this woman figuratively as I saw her walking into shows all around the city either alone with her first ticket in her life to watch a show at Fashion Week, or as a guest of a well-seasoned fashion week goer.  There is a word that inspires me greatly this month that we all use at some point throughout the day in our practice(s).  Intuition. 

• in·tu·i·tion

What does it mean?  Through a quick search on the internet, Google dictionary defines it as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.  I believe that the way we do our hair each day is intuitive.  We just do it, the way we know how and they way that makes us feel the best.  Vulnerability does not have a seat at the table in daily styling for most, nor are we willing to take a risk most often when we are surrounded by people we know. Some of us would never dream of leaving the house with a topknot or a center part.  Some of us cover our forehead with a strong fringe and some of us live for our long layered tresses that gently flow down our neck and wave with wind on the city streets where we conquer the world each day. 

Your inspiration comes alive

During New York Fashion Week, the narrative changes and something so beautiful happens.  Without asking, vulnerability knocks at the door, comes into the vanity and takes over.  I can see the new-found confidence if only for the day, in the eyes of the women who power walk the streets of New York City.  Some may keep their low casual pony, yet adorn it with a large bow or tie a scarf around it, while others take it to a new level.  I saw bangs so fresh and free they were cut that morning with the sharpest scissors in the house.  There was no care of too long or short, just an impulse to be alive and bold.   It is in this moment that a “ Trend” becomes personal, private, and rebellious. 

It is within this space that an artistic expression of our inner self is born.  As you are going to the salon wondering “What do I tell my stylist today?” Ask yourself, what would you attempt to do if you realized that you just get one lifetime.  Each time you cut your hair is an opportunity.  It is an opportunity to extract the excitement and passion that your stylist has for their craft and wear it proudly and without shame.  It is a commitment to not taking the path of least resistance and commanding growth and boldness from your soul.  It is engaging in a deep and intimate relationship with vulnerability, and when this happens, life happens in a way you cannot imagine until you are there.

At WarPaint International beauty agency, we strive to help create a menu of options.  Many of these options cater to helping you revisit your daily hairstyle and makeup regime in a new way.  Others, challenge you to invite that unknown, "that vulnerability", into your home and take you on a journey back to childhood when your friend came over to play dress up.  Where you put the most intense Red Lipstick on and as much color as you could fit on your eyelid. And after as many ponytails as your could tie your hair into were tied, you then sat and stared in your vanity mirror inspired and excited by what looked back at you.  Maybe for the afternoon you were the princess you read about in your story books, or maybe you were the confident grown up you couldn’t wait to be one day.  Whatever the case, you had no understanding of limits and no fear of what others would say.  You only knew that this was exciting and bold and brought you to a frame of mind where imagination and pure joy took the wheel.   This space is, for a hairdresser and a makeup artist, a playground.

Your Challenge

I would like to invite all of you in the months to come, to remember that you DO have a Hair and Makeup Team at your disposal. I ask you to challenge us here at WarPaint International Beauty Agency, to help you extract the inner child in you.  Lets play with makeup and hair like you once did and make it work for the life you live now.  Whether your look is polished and refined, or deconstructed and free flowing, we are here to help you make choices as to how to live in the beyond of beauty.  A space where inspiration flows like the river.  And when you’re done, never forget that the hallways in your home or the streets of your city are your catwalks for life.  Happy Fashion Week to all and thank you for your continued business.  We cannot wait to help you Prepare For Battle™

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