Old World Celtic tradition meets modern style and multi-cultural celebration. 

Celtic Wedding Inspiration

From WarPaint International -- This inspirational shoot took place in New Richmond, Wisconsin at a 100+ year old, little unknown gem called The Greenfield Barn. This beautifully aged space stays true to its form with vintage hardwood floors, open doorways and windows and a historic rustic charm. The Greenfield Barn has been carefully preserved to offer nostalgia and simplicity to old fashioned wedding goers. Positioned as the center point amongst rolling acres of “Highland-like” scenery, we could find no better place in the midwest to produce this inspirational shoot with The Celtic Croft. ~ Jessica Mae

Celtic Wedding Makeup & Hair

From The Celtic Croft -- As one of the world’s largest online retailers of Scottish and Celtic apparel, we naturally receive regular rental requests for traditional and ancient celtic-wear for weddings all over the nation. In this inspirational shoot we’ve highlighted some ways to preserve the traditional aspects of a Celtic ceremony in the midst of a modern, multi-cultural family celebrating their heritage. Traditional Celtic weddings in the United States are often performed for brides and grooms with distant Celtic ties whom prefer to celebrate life with a touch of highland charm. 

Modern Scottish & Celtic Weddings

The Groom & Groomsman

The groom and groomsman all wore traditional Prince Charlie jackets and vests that are made in Scotland from 100% pure new wool Barathea. The Prince Charlie, more formal than the Argyle jacket, is essentially the Scottish dress equivalent of a tuxedo. The gentlemen also sported traditional kilts in a beautiful Baird Ancient pattern, and were fully accessorized with wingtip kilt shirt bowties, cufflinks, shirt studs, Kilt belt and buckles, Sporrans, Kilt hose, pins, flashes and Sgian Dubh. The ensemble is completed with traditional Ghillie Brogues and laces.

The Decor & Theme.

Our bustling floral arrangements (by M Flower Studio), the grooms boutonnière, the brides bouquet and flower circlet were all filled with festive fir spruce, an assortment of flowers and prairie grass, harmoniously matching our Baird Ancient Tartan. This traditional, formal Celtic theme ran strong throughout our inspirational shoot with the addition of hand made, custom stationary (by J.B. Originals), a simple elegant 4-tiered cake (by Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe), and the intoxicating sounds of traditional Celtic bagpipes (by Emilio Munoz; American Heritage Pipes & Drums). 

The Bride

Our bride wore two fairytale inspired gowns (by Posh Bridal Couture), accentuating traditional simplicity. She was beautifully adorned with both floral and metal circlet ceremonial head dress pieces and a hand crafted lace necklace. Her hair and makeup was creatively designed to capture the essence of rustic and natural beauty. 

The Backdrop

A renaissance back drop and glass mason jars set the stage for hand-crafted rum, vodka and tartan branded gin (by Norseman Small Batch Distillery), for rejoice and celebration.

The Wedding

The wedding party combined heritage from around the world, with an emphasis on bringing ancient Celtic traditions into modern marriage ceremonies. 

Behind the Scenes Videos


Hard work and credit owed to:

Commercial Stylized Shoots

  • professional models.
  • hair & makeup artistry concepts.
  • venue procurement.
  • hand selected photographers to match your specific project. 
  • hand selected videographers to match your specific project.
  • accessory and vendor sourcing
  • professional wardrobe, real estate, brand and automobile styling.
  • theme & concept design. 
  • project management. 
  • production & execution.

Team photo at The Greenfield Barn in Richmond Wisconsin.

Team photo at The Greenfield Barn in Richmond Wisconsin.

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