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Creative Director

The Perfect Soft Waves.

The Perfect Soft Waves.

On a daily basis, my guests ask me for very natural looking hair.  At first, my response was“ Is my blowout loosing its touch?” In response, the guest applauded the effort and skill taken to create the perfect red carpet style.

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PPL of MPLS Feature

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Jessica Mae.

Creative Director and Award Winning Makeup Artist.

I am an artist. Your are my masterpiece. I will not let you leave my hands unfinished. I see beauty from the inside, then extract it and show it to the world. I am an award winning, natural makeup artist. I will not air-brush you. I am Jessica Mae. Prepare For Battle.

Loring Park.

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RAW Awards Makeup Artist of the Year

Jessica Mae of Warpaint International wins "Makeup Artist of the Year" from RAW Awards Minneapolis 2011


"I'm a passionate makeup artist! I've been working professionally for 5 years and am loving every minute of it. I just launched my business WarPaint International with the goal of becoming a makeup agency in the future. WarPaint's mission is to make our clients look beautiful on the outside, while making them feel beautiful on the inside. If you're looking for a luxury makeup experience call WarPaint and Prepare For Battle!"

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Minneapolis2Night - MakeUp Junkie Alert: Q&A with WarPaint's Jessica Mae

Minneapolis2Night - MakeUp Junkie Alert: Q&A with WarPaint's Jessica Mae knows that women in our fabulous Metro are constantly “on the go” whether it’s preparing for business meetings, sitting on various boards, or attending fabulous cocktail-sipping events. There’s always one thing we need to do before slipping on our shoes and making a dash. And that’s applying our makeup.

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