Wedding Services FAQ's

1. Can I schedule a trial without completing the contract?

In theory, yes you can. However we do not advise you do this as we do not hold your date until you decide if you are going to book with us or not. It is best to complete the contract and submit the initial payment to secure your date and then schedule your trial. If you prefer to schedule a trial before securing your date, a separate {non-refundable} trial charge will apply for that appointment. Scheduling a trial without completing the contract and initial payment does not guarantee your wedding day booking or your artisan(s). Have no fear though, if you go through our recommended booking process you can still cancel if you decide we aren't a fit for you. Our cancellation policy is 30 days prior to the wedding date.

2. Do the makeup and hair rates for the bride include a trial before the wedding day? What does the trial include?

The trial is included in the bride's makeup and hair packages.  A trial before the wedding day is required to be completed in order to work with WPI. A full application of makeup with false lashes will be applied for the makeup portion of the trial. Your requested hair style or updo will also be completed at the trial. The artisan(s) will make adjustments to the makeup and/or hairstyle; if need be at the appointment. We allot up to 1 hour for each service. If more than one look is requested or if the allotted appointment time is exceeded, additional fees may apply. Your trial is a time to get to know your artisan, for them to get to know you and for the two of you to work together on creating your perfect wedding day look. It is your responsibility to communicate if something is not working or you want something changed. As talented as we are, we cannot read your mind so speak up if something isn't working. Also please note; while we take every precaution not to get any makeup or hair product(s) on your clothing please be advised that it is a possibility. While our products are water soluble and should come right out when washed, we suggest wearing clothing that is darker in color or that you don't mind product getting onto it. This stands for both the trial & the wedding day. WarPaint International is not responsible for damaged clothing.

3. What should you bring to the trial? How should you prepare for the trial?

Bring along any pictures of styles you want to try and the hair accessories that you plan on wearing (ex: clip in extensions, headpiece, flower, combs, fascinators). You should come without makeup on, and have clean dry hair (unless you've purchased the blowout add on). Have friends and family along, if you'd like but it is a good idea to limit the amount of people you bring with you. The more people, the more opinions you will get on your look and that can sometimes be a distraction. Bring an open mind and be prepared to give feedback. This is your time to be picky and have us get the look just right! :-)

4. Are trials for the bridal party too?

We would be happy to do a trial for any member of your party. Trials are not included in the wedding party rates rates. If someone requests a trial before the wedding day, the full rate would be charged twice.

5. When should the trials for hair & makeup be booked? Where does the appointment take place?

We recommend scheduling your trial 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding day, however you may schedule the trial at any time. The appointment is held at the client's location (home, office, hotel, etc). Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday during the days/evenings and are based on the availability of both the client and the artisan.  Saturday/Sunday appointments may be requested, but please be advised that those days are our most busy so we do not allow the appointment to be scheduled prior to 2pm.

6. What happens if my trial goes horribly wrong?

Please let us know if at any time if you are unhappy with your services with WPI. Talk to us. We can schedule another trial appointment or assign a new artisan to you if necessary. We want to make sure you are happy and confident in your look going into your wedding day. Additional fees may apply for a second trial to be scheduled.

7. What is your cancellation policy?

WPI has a 30 day cancellation policy. This means that if any one person or the entire wedding party all together cancels with 30 days or less prior to the wedding day, the remaining balance for the service(s) listed on the contract are due in full at the time of cancellation. No exceptions. If cancellation is done prior to 30 days, no additional payment is required but be advised that your initial payment remains non-refundable.

8. What is the initial payment for? Can I make changes to my services once the deposit has been made?

A 50% non-refundable initial payment of the total services listed on the contract is due upon booking. This will go toward your remaining balance for services. The initial payment assures your date and appointment(s) is reserved with a WPI artisan. Whichever artisan(s) does the bridal trial will also be the artisan(s) who will be doing the bride's wedding day services. You can make changes to your services (prior to the 30 day cancellation) as long as you are either adding services or making an equal transfer of services to another person. For example; if Ashley is on the contract for a makeup application and decides she no longer wants the service, and Sarah wants to take her place for the service. This is fine and you will not lose the initial payment made for Ashley, the service simply shifts to Sarah. Be advised that if at any point someone cancels their service(s) all together, with no one to take their place, you will lose the initial payment made for them. If they cancel after the 30 day cancellation policy the service(s) will be due in full. 

9. What happens after I complete my contract and the initial payment is made?

Once the paperwork and payment is taken care of, your personal Wedding Coordinator will reach out to you via email to advise on next steps. Your Wedding Coordinator will be your main contact at WPI and will handle all of your details from there on out.

10. How are my artisans chosen and can I request someone specifically?

During your initial phone call with one of our Wedding Consultants we will ask you questions about your personal makeup/hair style and what you are looking for in your wedding day look. Based on those questions, along with getting to know you, we will be able to match you with an artisan on our team who will not only be able to execute the look you're going for but also get along with you too!

Yes! You can request a specific artisan. If there is someone that you are interested in working with, please let us know. Based on availability we are happy to accommodate your request.

11. Is there a minimum amount of clients required to book services? How large of a party can you accommodate?

There is no minimum required to book, with the exception of destination weddings. We consider a destination wedding an event that exceeds our travel radius of 30 miles from the specified zip code. In these instances we require a minimum of 4 clients to book full services in order to accept the booking.

We are happy to accommodate small, medium and large wedding parties!

12. How long does each person’s service take on the wedding day?

Services are scheduled for 45 minutes per client, per service for full services. Less time is scheduled for partial makeup services. If any member of your party has longer/thick hair, we will need to know this in advance for timing purposes. We allow a maximum of 5 clients to 1 artisan to ensure you and your party are ready within a 4.5 hour window. Your Wedding Coordinator will send out a timeline 2 weeks before the wedding for the bride to approve. The timeline will list each girls start/end time for services, and ensures the bride that timing will flow perfectly for her wedding day. If your timeline does not allow for our 5 to 1 ratio to be in effect, a $75 fee will apply (in addition to the services) for each additional artisan needed for your day.

13. How should my wedding party and I prep our Skin & Hair for the day of?

Each client will need to arrive to their appointment with clean DRY hair (unless a blowout service has been booked) and clean skin with no makeup. This ensures the best results possible in their look and also saves precious time at the appointment. If someone arrives with wet hair, unless they are scheduled for a blowout style only, there will be an $85 blowout charge for drying which is in addition to the wedding party hair pricing. This can throw off a wedding day timeline and cause unnecessary stress. Visit our beauty blog for more prep tips & tricks! 

14. Can I bring my own clip in extensions for the stylist?

Yes! We do not sell extensions, so if you or a member of your party would like clip-in extensions added to the hair style those will need to be purchased outside of WPI. We do not cut or color the extensions, any prep that needs to be done should be done prior to the appointment(s). We charge a styling fee starting at $25 to place and style clip-in extensions. It's best to know ahead of time who will want extensions added to their style so we can schedule accordingly. This can throw off the timeline also, due to extra time placing & styling the clip ins.

15. How is payment accepted?

Payments are processed by WarPaint International through our website using the billing information provided on your contract. The remaining payment is processed by WarPaint International fourteen (14) days prior to the wedding via the credit card we have on file for you. We process the services for the entire wedding party on one card. We suggest, for people in your party whom you do not wish to pay for, sending out a message to your wedding party with their service charges well before the wedding so that they have ample time to pay you before your final payment is due. We provide a detailed invoice to each of our brides so you are able to know the cost breakdown for each client. All add-ons that are decided on-site on the day of will be billed within 48 hours of your event to the credit card we have on file for you. 

16. Is all travel & parking included in the rates?

We do not charge a travel fee for appointments that are within 30 miles of the specified zip code listed on your contract. In the event travel is required outside of this radius, .65 per mile will be applied to the total amount of miles driven {round trip. per artisan} These fees will be quoted at the time of booking and included in your final bill. Parking fees are to be covered by the client up to $30. {per artisan} Parking fees are paid via the card we have on file.

17. What happens if myself or a member of my party is running late on the wedding day?

If we are unable to start wedding day services to due tardiness or if there are interruptions during services (that cause the appointment to be delayed) with either the bride or any member of the bridal party, additional fees will apply after 15mins. For each 15mins that an artisan has to wait a $25 fee will be assessed and be billed to the card on file along with any other final charges. We ask that each client does not interrupt the service unless there is an emergency. Late starts & delays will throw off the timeline, and services may be cut short.

18. Is gratuity included in pricing for services?

A 20% gratuity will be added to the Grand Total sum of services booked and billed with the remaining balance payment that we process 7 days before the wedding. Should you wish to tip in addition to this, you may do so in cash directly to the artisan on the day of the appointment(s).

19. If I hire WPI, can I book additional services with another beauty company or freelance artist for my day?

To ensure a flawless and stress-free process we do not allow our clients to book multiple different freelancers and/or beauty companies to accommodate their needs. By booking with WarPaint International you agree that you will be booking services only with us and we will be the only beauty team on site for the day of the wedding. We are happy to waive this policy for you for a $200 coordination fee in order to account for the time and communication needed in order to coordinate your timeline with the other beauty vendor(s).

20. What happens if I get pink eye or another skin or scalp/hair disease or condition?

WarPaint International reserves the right to refuse service to any person(s) who has an open sore, infections of the skin, scalp or hair or any other condition or disease that is contagious and could cause harm to the artisan(s) and/or their tools & products. Refunds of up to the 50% deposit that has been paid will be issued to the client should this occur.

21. What happens if I No Call/No Show an appointment.

At any point when a client should schedule a trial appointment with us and not call or not show up for the appointment there will be no refund for the appointment. Upon rescheduling a no call/no show appointment, there will be an additional charge of the full service cost plus an additional hourly fee due at that time.

22. Pets present at my trial and/or day of wedding appointment(s)?

While most of us are animal lovers at WarPaint International, not all of us are comfortable around them and some of us have allergies. If you have animals at the location where services will take place, we respectfully ask to have them tucked away so they aren't attempting to snuggle with you or us during your appointment. :-)