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Disclaimer: Should we move forward with offering a contract, there will be a $50 contracting fee charged to the artisan.

Why Become An Apprentice

Shadow WPI Artisans. Enhance your craft. We offer...

  • Real-life industry experience

  • Personal learning. Tip & Tricks

  • Portfolio building

  • Potential for freelance opportunity upon completion



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Apprentice F.A.Q.

Are there professional requirements?

Yes. You must have a minimum of 6 months experience working in the beauty industry as a makeup artist or hair stylist. OR be currently enrolled in beauty school.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. WarPaint Artisans (Apprentice or otherwise) are all insured for liability in the event an accident were to happen. We are a mobile agency, operating in other people's homes, work spaces, or venues. 

Do I need to have a portfolio?

No. One of the benefits of the WarPaint International Apprentice program is that we will provide you with opportunities to build a portfolio.

Do I need to own transportation?

Yes. Our clients are "on-location", as will you be. Owning transportation or having a secured and reliable form of getting from point A to point B is required.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. WarPaint Apprentices represent our brand. By enrolling in the WarPaint International Apprentice Program you agree to complete the apprentice program requirements, maintain an online calendar for accuracy, wear the WarPaint brand T-shirt to all appointments and to refrain from cross-promotion your (or other businesses) while working with WarPaint clients. You are employed under a freelance contract and paid by the job. We reserve the right to terminate our agreement at any time. We also reserve the right to pursue legal action against you, should you violate the terms of your contract maliciously.

Do I have to supply my own kit?

Yes. However should you need to start your kit, we will be able to assist you with hand-selected entry-level Artisan kit. 

Will you do a background check on me?

Yes. Our customers' privacy and safety is very important to us, as well as the safety of our artists. We will not knowingly send a convicted criminal or individual with a backgroud of abuse, arrests, or other misdemeanors into our client's homes. If you are unwilling to have a background check processed or are unsure about its outcome, a partnership with WarPaint International may not be the right fit for either party.

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