Why WarPaint International?

It's 2017 and the industry of beauty is ever-growing. Beauty services that come to your home are becoming more popular and the options for your makeup artist and hair stylists are endless. Beauty on demand is well on it's way to becoming a household term. So, with that in mind, Why WarPaint International Beauty Agency? I wanted to share a few key points on why you would choose to hire WarPaint International Beauty Agency for your wedding day, your editorial shoots, your nights on the town, your home parties, life events, and commercial events. 

Real customers for WarPaint International Beauty Agency

Real customers for WarPaint International Beauty Agency

The WPI Difference


Have you ever called, emailed or sent a text message to a business or professional and they either didn't reply at all or took an inappropriate amount of time to get back to you? At WPI our top priority is our clients, which means responding to you as soon as we are able. We have an amazing team of professional administrative staff and wedding consultants that work with us behind the scenes to ensure each and every inquiry and question is addressed in a timely fashion. We get better every day because of you. 


I hold myself, as the Founder and Creative Director, and everyone at the company to the highest standards when it comes to professionalism. Professionalism in the beauty industry is one of the top qualities we look for when we hire. We ensure that no matter the situation, all of our clients and team members are treated with the utmost respect and handled professionally.

I spent the first 5 years of my beauty career working in salons. It was in those experiences that I quickly learned what type of culture I want to build inside my own company. At WarPaint International, we do not tolerate drama and negatively. By setting this bar as the standard from WPI's inception, we have created an amazing culture of empowerment, positivity and genuine people.


Myself, along with our leadership team, do our due diligence when it comes to hiring talent to work with our company. The interview process at WarPaint International includes a phone interview,  technical interview, and a thorough screening/background check. It is of the utmost importance that we hire professional artists that share our same values and are equally talented. We offer ongoing training and master class education to our team as well to ensure that their skills are always sharp, that they are up on trends and can deliver you any look that you desire.


Starting my own beauty agency has been a dream come true and a lifelong one at that. I LOVE what I do both as a Makeup Artist and a business owner. I truly believe that like attracts like. My passion and love for this industry and for our clients have resonated throughout WPI.

Our people, our process, our reviews and our continued growth speak to our passion. 


Unfortunately, WarPaint International has become a specialist in disaster recovery. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I've had a client call me in tears the night before their wedding, photo shoot, or event exclaiming that the freelance artist they've hired (outside of WPI) has bailed on them. Or even worst yet, the artist didn't show up to the appointment!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had a client call me in tears the night before their wedding, photo shoot, or event exclaiming that the freelance artist they’ve hired has bailed on them. Or even worst yet, the artist didn’t show up to the appointment!

This is something that is all too common in the beauty industry and quite frankly, something I'll never understand. At WPI we guarantee an artisan from our company will be there to make you look and feel beautiful, especially if we are facilitating your wedding day beauty services. This is one of the top advantages to working with us.

The proverbial bus happens to all of us, and because we're human Artisans get sick, have family emergencies and life happens in general. We have a large team so you can be rest-assured that no matter what circumstances crop up - we'll take care of you.


Early on in my career a business woman that I look up to told me, "If you don't have a process you have a problem." Today, I could not agree more. We have an organized process and procedure for everything we do at WPI. Trust in the process! One of the most important parts of our process is client contracts for weddings and large events. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a contract.

Often times this detail gets overlooked, I think because we're talking about makeup and hair services... What could go wrong, right? Contracts are a crucial part of a professional relationship between the client and the company. It keeps us all honest and the expectations are clear from the beginning. I'll talk more about this in another blog soon.

Getting Married?


The proof is in the pudding, as they say... Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that what you've created enriches other people's lives. I can't help but share what our clients have to say. 

"I had a family photo shoot at 8am and wanted to look my best. WarPaint had no problem meeting for a 6am appointment. It was incredibly convenient to wake up, shower, and then have them come to me for the styling and makeup. No salon would accommodate those hours, let alone that kind of convenience. I loved my hair and makeup (both done by Mariah). Thanks WarPaint!"

"Wow, I can't say enough about my experience with WarPaint! They came highly recommended from my wedding planner and she definitely didn't steer me wrong. Mariah was friendly and on top of things to book the hair and make-up artists for my wedding, and Laura (make-up) and Jennifer (hair) were both phenomenal and fun to work with too! I loved that the trial could be done at my house, that was super convenient and they re-created my look perfectly on the day of the wedding. I booked them for my Mom, sister and daughter too and we were all really happy, all around a great experience."

"I've been a beauty member for over a year and I've been extremely impressed with the level of customer service I've reviewed over the past year. The owner, Jessica, always ensures me that my business is valued by quick follow-ups to my emails, taking to the time to address any concerns and suggestions, as well as hiring the top beauty experts in the hair and makeup industry! Even though Jessica is the owner, her make up services are an option for everyone to book her - I've seen studios charge extra because they are the owner or a master stylist/artist. I think this really speaks to Jessica's character and how invested she is in WarPaint.

Here is an example of the topic quality of artisans that WarPaint employs: I recently had an appt for hair and make up for a night out on the town with a new artisan, Aspen. Apsen arrived on time with no issues finding my location. She was very in tune to my mood cause I wasn't in a talking mood (too excited about the show later that evening!) - she made me feel really comfortable in my own home. She shared with me her experience and asked questions on where I was going and what look I was trying to achieve. I felt she took her time with my make up and hair and asked me several times if there was anything I wanted to change and that she'd be happy to accommodated. Aspen's look is one of my favorites and I feel her customer service was through the roof as she didn't leave until I was satisfied with my services.

I would highly recommend WarPaint International for all your hair and make up needs for those special occasions."

"HIGHLY recommended! I used WarPaint for my wedding this summer and absolutely loved the experience. Jessica was so easy to work with- timely in communication, organized in all the schedules for hair and makeup for 10 women on the day of my wedding (with help from additional hair/makeup artists who were each equally phenomenal), and was completely reassuring and accommodating throughout the process. She and Kristina came to my house for a trial a few weeks before the wedding which helped me feel MUCH more confident as we approached the wedding date. Then, when I panicked a few days before the wedding and asked to make a few changes to the look, she was completely reassuring and on the wedding day, achieved the PERFECT look. I was beyond thrilled. I also had a few challenging family/friends on the wedding day and she was incredibly patient. THANK YOU! I really wanted to look natural on the day of the wedding and my husband was worried that with additional makeup and hair extensions, I wouldn't look like myself. Jessica knew exactly how to accentuate my own features without looking "overdone." My husband LOVED the work they did as well! Great experience, fantastic girls to work with- highly recommended!!"

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