Hair Un-Styling. Is It For You?

From the Director's Chair. 

Benjamin Rodich. National Artistic Director for Hair. WarPaint International Beauty Agency.

Benjamin Rodich. National Artistic Director for Hair. WarPaint International Beauty Agency.

Diving into Spring / Summer Fashion Week 2016

It has become quite clear that the new “cool girl” has zero shame about allowing her “wakeup hair” to be quickly coiffed with a touch a dry shampoo and a good brushing.  While last year we saw beach waves and the return of texture in a daring way, we are now saying “ it is what it is.”  

Here in the Midwest, the return of the winter's moisture-free air and subzero temperatures, promises a season of highly annoying split ends, endless static, and dull hair. I recently drowned myself in Harpers Bazaar (The Best Beauty Looks for NYFW Spring 2016) for days, and I can say that I am thankful for the newest trend that is coming about for SS2016.  While you will always appreciate the magical blowout that your stylist gives you, it will only last a few days at most for many.  The stress on your hair from the water, heat and dry air is extreme.  What can you do?  

Enter Hair Un-styling

If I may... a thought about the marriage of makeup and hair.  I believe beauty can be simple and complex all in the same space. Power braids, center parts, deep side parts, bangs...

As a hairdresser, I strive to understand the intention of someone’s style through his or her lens.  I love the lady that wears the reddest lip she owns as she sits in my chair.  In years past I would have been so excited to give her that show-stopping old Hollywood glam marcel wave.  I look at her differently now.  Her red lip tells me secretly “don’t hide me”. 

While curating our SS2016 trend collection, we are striving to create a portfolio of looks that help the modern day women to be better understood by truly building a relationship between her hair and makeup.  This collection, with countless hours of collaboration with the most talented artists in the country, will be thoughtful, beautiful, unique, and approachable.

How Many Days Until New York Fashion Week??

When it comes to your hair right now, less could definitely be more.  In a recent blog post I wrote of the vulnerability, that if we choose it, can transport us to a time where we didn’t have the skill to blow dry our hair with a round brush or create the soft waves with our curling wand we love so much.  At that time we did what we knew how to do, maybe a simple braid, or lots of ponytails. If you look at the last walk of Valentino you will see just that.  

Valentino | Spring Summer 2016 by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

An octagon pattern of twists was the hi-lite of those heads of hair as they pounded down the runway.  The “power braids” that are coming back into trend are exposing and fierce.  The “Warrior Woman” of today has a bigger goal for the day than an hour of styling.  She is strong and has zero time for anything that keeps her from the battles she faces each day.  

Jason Wu Red Lip SS 2015

Jason Wu Red Lip SS 2015

Interestingly enough, she passes by a different woman also in high trend right now.  This power girl has an earthy and mossy look to her hair.  Mostly air-dried with a touch of hair oil she throws her Mason Pearson brush in her purse and away she goes.  Not curly, not strait, not wavy, just…her.  The raw natural essence of her spirit; her hair is what it wants to be, undone.  Un-heated, not pulled, not fastened, not pinned.  Parted and ..pardon me…that’s it.  Her lip, a velvet matte red like seen in Jason WU SS2015.  

This is what I mean by complex and simple.  We can now wonder, where is she going?  I can’t help but think, how freeing it must feel to let go of what we know and just wash and condition with beautiful product, apply a small amount of precious hair oil and a red lip, maybe a touch of tinted moisturizer and head out the door to the catwalk streets of your city.  Aha, a trend has been born because we decided to be vulnerable and “un-dress” our hair.  

If its already hit the runway, can I pull this off ?

How can we inspire you?

Our talented and highly professional artisans can be your compass to selecting the right shades and consulting on whether you will undress your hair, your makeup, or both.  For those who still live in the WarPaint world of (and I have to use a line from Local designer Julia Moss) “ Full wattage” hair and makeup - we are still here for you.  Natural and elegant , or painted and glam, we are your artists.  We are your beauty on demand.  

With that, remember… Life is a stage, are you prepared?  

New York Fashion Week is February 10 - 16, 2016. Catch up on NYFW HERE.

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