Birthing Center Beauty Services

More and more women are hiring beauty services on-site, in one place you might not have thought of - the delivery room. 

You might not think of yourself as a celebrity, or rather one who needs to be camera-ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but whether you realize it or not we have all celebritized ourselves in some small way by living out our lives on social media. So when celebrity stars are booking beauty professionals to come into the birthing center to have their hair and makeup done, it might seem to be "too much" or not for you. The truth is, the trend took off quite some time ago and WarPaint International has been beautifying new moms for their after-delivery photo sessions for a couple of years now. And though we've worked with the wives of professional athletes from the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Wild, there are certainly women without A-list status booking WarPaint Artisans in the delivery room too. 

WPI Founder, Jessica Mae, started her mission with this beauty agency with the idea that Life is a stage - "Prepare For Battle". This growing trend of delivery room beauty services couldn't be more grounded in our tagline. 

More Women Are Bringing Hair & Makeup To The Delivery Room

When to book

Today we will always see new mothers sharing photos of their newborn baby in the delivery room, whether it be on social media, their photo albums on their phone or in their home. What image would you like your friends and family to see? There's simply no reason to LOOK like you just went through labor when you don't have to. 

Hair is not the only focus - many moms are now also reporting calling in on-site makeup artists to finish the look in the delivery room. 

Many women look back at their memories from the hospital and wish they would have looked a bit more put together, as they'll be sharing and reminiscing about those memories for the rest of their life. Maybe you'd like to hang it on your bedroom wall or in the baby's room. 

Media outlets across the United States have reported on the growing trend of stylists arriving at hospitals with their kits of curling irons, hair sprays, etc to style a new mom's hair after labor, but before photos. Hair is not the only focus though - many moms are now also reporting calling in on-site makeup artists to finish the look. Presumably you don't want to do it yourself...

Photo Credit: makeupbyalaha via US Magazine

Photo Credit: makeupbyalaha via US Magazine

So when is the time to call on these beauty professionals? Some women have their beauty team glam them up during labor because their focus is that moment directly after birth with their newborn baby. Some have hired a professional photographer to come into the delivery room sometime after birth to get newborn photos after they've decompressed from this major life event. The later seems like a less stressful plan, but it's entirely up to you and your baby.  

Look like yourself

If you follow the stars, you probably haven't forgotten Kate Middleton stepping out in high heels and with perfectly bouncy hair after delivering newborn Charlotte?  Other stars such as Beyonce emerged form childbirth with a head of voluminous, shiny curls while holding baby Blue Ivy years back.



So let's be clear - you don't need to keep up with the Jones's. Celebrity personalities are followed by the media everywhere they go. Whether they look good or shabby, it's never quite right and always news-worthy. So they opt to be fabulous and drive the standard - whether they like it or not. It's just part of the job.

You're not a celebrity. So we've identified you're not a celebrity, therefore, it's not about waving at the cameras as you leave the birthing center. You want to look like you, but with a fresh face and nice hair. That's really the focus of what we're talking about here and as a professional beauty agency catering to these growing needs, this is where we come in. So what are our tips and advice for bringing on-site beauty services into the delivery room?

No lashes and bold colors

If your focus is to capture the memory than keep it all about you. You will already have a natural glow and smile that surfaces only once or twice in a lifetime. We would never prescribe a red carpet look or something you might do for a night on the town. That's not you - that's a version of you that isn't having a baby. Most of the clients that we work with in birthing centers keep it simple with a fresh, natural face and nicely manicured hairstyle.

Embrace the comfort 

It's true, some clients report that there is comfort in having beauty services done either during their delivery or directly after. Women that can't comprehend having this done often have the comment that they wouldn't want people in their face and it's too excessive, but for some the opposite is true. Some moms report feeling reduced nerves and actually being able to focus on the pampering vs the labor. For those that hire beauty-on-demand services to come in after childbirth with their photographer, there seems to be a whole new level of luxury and relaxation in the beautifying process. It's really all about making mom comfortable. 

Trust in your team

Should you opt for delivery room beauty services, you have to put trust in your team. You've sourced a professional or two.. you've hired them for the job. Now, just relax and let them take care of you - trust me when I tell you that they are having a memorable life experience alongside you that can not be replicated the same way again with anyone else. Memories and relationships are all that you have. 

Keep it about feeling your best

Ultimately, labor is a grueling experience, even with painkillers. It's no secret that women feel better when they look better and that is our goal with delivering hair and makeup services to new mothers. Because although looking and feeling better is a key element for your photo memories, feeling really good about yourself and how you reflect on your memories is what it's all about.

Why Should You Hire a Beauty Agency

Well, not all beauty agencies are built the same. In fact, many are not agencies - they are freelance artists who contract a few other people. Whether you are a new mom, a bride-to-be or hiring on-site services in your home or office, there are many factors to consider outside the skillset or reputation of a particular artist. 

How about your safety? How about the safety of your family and loved ones? At WarPaint International, our team goes through an onboarding process that we believe to be unique. At first, we interview our Artisans, we then technically test them for skillsets, customer service and hygiene practices with products, brushes, etc. From there, our Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists go through national criminal background checks. We look for everything and we do turn people down because we hold a very high standard when it comes to trust and safety in our client's homes, hotel rooms, delivery rooms and offices. 

Are you looking for trusted beauty professionals? You can learn more about us and the benefit of an agency at Why WarPaint International. 

Photo: Amore Lux Studios. The Leadership Team at WarPaint International.

Photo: Amore Lux Studios. The Leadership Team at WarPaint International.

Download WPI's media kit to view our beauty services. From delivery rooms, to weddings, to a simple night out and all of life's events - WarPaint International Artisans are focused on making your memories as vibrant as possible. 

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