It never hurts to look to popular celebrities for makeup and beauty inspiration, and in this brief post, we’re going to take a look at the soon-to-be most radiant mother in the sports world. Serena Williams is currently missing the U.S. Open expecting the birth of her first child. In fact, as of the time of this writing, she’s in labor! But last we saw her she looked as stylish and beautiful as ever. 

Makeup Secrets of Serena Williams

Williams has been about as dominant a sporting personality as we’ve seen in the last 20 years or so. At the outset of the 2017 tennis season, she was picked to lead the pack at the Australian Open and indeed wound up winning. Little did we know at the time that she was already pregnant! That about says it all regarding the type of athletic force Williams has come to represent. But throughout her illustrious career on the courts, she’s also defined herself with bold styles and seemingly effortless beauty. 

Her Makeup Secrets

The tennis star has never been shy about playing the role of beauty icon or model, even if her main focus has remained relentlessly on athletic achievement. And during the 2016 U.S. Open we got some interesting insights into her routine thanks to an interview with her makeup artist, one Natasha Gross of Miami. The interview was conducted by New Beauty, and here we’ll mention a few of the key takeaways. 

Gross opened up by discussing her love of NARS products for Williams’s editorial shoots (of which she does quite a few, naturally). The French-based cosmetics company has a full line of products, though Gross singled out the foundations and concealers as her favorites, and credited them with bringing out the luminosity to Williams’s skin – one of the features that are often highlighted with regard to her appearance.

The interview also covered the notion that Williams’s lifestyle could conceivably have negative effects on her skin. Indeed, rigorous athletic activity, sweat, and a lot of sun exposure can all be difficult to overcome in this regard! But here, Gross mostly referred to Williams’s dietary habits as reasons why her skin has never appeared to be anything less than flawless. To hear a career makeup artist simply say that eating healthy and staying hydrated makes the biggest difference is a nice reminder to all of us – even if we aren’t out chasing tennis titles for our professional lives! 

Makeup Secrets of Serena Williams

And as a final point of interest, Gross actually seems to support a minimalist approach in general. Asked about Williams’s frequent smoky eye appearance on the courts, Gross simply said that the athlete does her own makeup for matches, focusing primarily on eyeliner and high SPF. Similarly, for red carpet appearances, it’s minimal eye shadow, lashes, and contouring. Given how striking Williams tends to look in general, this is a nice endorsement for the idea of achieving a great effect with relatively little product. Of course, Williams’s natural beauty comes into play a great deal as well. But mostly, her looks seem to come down to healthy skin and a few strategic touches! 

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