Professional Headshots in 2019

For many companies, updating their headshots is a monthly or quarterly recurrence. When you think about all of the platforms in which we are required to be on stage, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, professional online forums and more - it’s no wonder we are constantly striving to be our best.

Maybe you think this isn’t for you or that you’ve never had a headshot done. It’s possible you think that no one is looking or you’ll never need a headshot in your professional career. If so, you may be making a mistake. As mentioned above, you can point to countless social media profiles which often times feature blurry or inappropriate profile pictures (or worse, no photo at all!). This certainly affects whether you’ll even engage with an individual or collaborate with them. After all, if someone can’t take a decent photo, how can I trust them with my budget?

A nice headshot can also be useful in these situations

  • Your email account

  • Your email signature

  • Your personal website or portfolio

  • Your guest posts or bylines

  • Your company bio that is internal or in welcome information to the rest of the company.

  • Your entire professional life.

Corporate Beauty Services

WarPaint International offers hair and makeup artistry services for corporate and small business photography needs. We even have photographer relationships to incorporate a package into our solutions for your business. A sample of the type of businesses we work with to provide corporate hair and makeup services in conjunction with photography or photo-driven events are:

  • Real estate firms/brokerages

  • Mortgage & insurance companies

  • Hotels & resorts

  • Magazines & media

  • Retail brands & store/company bio projects

  • Sales conventions

  • Travel agencies

  • Downtown councils, private organizations, & more.

Corporate Beauty Membership

WarPaint International also offers beauty membership to business and corporate clients. When your business has the need for professional hair stylists and makeup artists on location, on a regular basis, we can offer a team of Artisans every month or quarter to help your business look the part.


Business class service at preferred pricing. Schedule Hair & Makeup Artists, on demand, for corporate projects, office parties, events, galas, or even to gift to employees. Your yearly membership ensures value and world-class service. Save up to 20% with a corporate membership.


Membership is designed for independent business owners, agencies, media companies, firms, large corporations - even photographers and models and need our team often. Or anyone who’s business puts headshots on business cards, benches and more.

Valerie Doleman | Sherman & Associates.

Valerie Doleman | Sherman & Associates.

Corporate Membership Cost

Corporate Beauty Members tend to use us for for headshots, Friday office parties (demos or beauty bars), to gift to their out-of-town superiors, esteemed hotel guests, celebrities and more.

Membership starts at $6500 annually.

Thinking about headshots for your business? Have been to an event that offers lipstick touch-up or beauty bars? Download our media kit and contact us today.

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