For the bride to be, the perfect bachelorette party doesn’t always have to involve a night out on the town. Whether you actually prefer beer over wine or are in need of a short getaway, there are plenty of fantastic options to tailor a bachelorette party for you and your friends.

Here are our favorite creative ideas for a bachelorette weekend getaway.

There’s something for everyone with these fun bachelorette ideas!


For those who want a relaxing getaway in the outdoors, glamping is the perfect option for you! Grab your girls for a luxe weekend retreat and book your ticket to the great outdoors. At Soap Lake Resort decked-out cabins and hotel rooms are situated near a mineral lake. Known for its holistic wellness properties, this natural spa is the perfect place for some fun bachelorette party games and charming restaurants. Soap Lake Resort’s bridal packages and room offerings make it the perfect place to make some memories. To book your reservation, make sure to check out their website.

(Image via Soap Lake Resort Flickr)

(Image via Soap Lake Resort Flickr)


Instead of opting for a vineyard or winery, try hosting your bachelorette weekend at a distillery! While most vineyard parties require travel to a different state, a great distillery is always a great in-state opportunity to drink and have a great time. Your bachelorette party can get tipsy during their bar crawl, then opt for mani-pedis and great food afterward. This affordable yet memorable bachelorette party will create memories for years to come.


Does your bachelorette party need to be short and sweet? A staycation is an amazing opportunity to have a vacation away from home. Plan a fun night or two for you and your gals at a local nearby hotel, and let your inner child embrace the ultimate sleepover! The opportunities are endless with matching pajamas, themed games, and slumber party snacks.

Tea Party

Host your very own tea party! A low key but still celebratory event, a tea party can be a great last-minute option for guests who won’t be in town until a couple of days before the wedding. From customized napkins and tea favors, a tea party can still be customized to your needs for a personalized feel. Cousins and college friends can break the ice over scones, petit fours, and tea for an untraditional yet memorable time. This easy to execute idea makes it one of the best bachelorette party ideas for 2019.

5 Bachelorette Party Ideas 2019

City Stay

You don’t have to go to Sin City for your bachelorette weekend! While Vegas is the perfect destination for some, consider traveling to other cities for a more intimate experience. A fun weekend trip to Nashville or Portland might be the ideal bachelorette party, packed with tons of cool restaurants, shopping, and bar crawls. In addition, choosing a city in between old college friends makes it easier for everyone to gather together. Get your itineraries ready and book your next trip. And while hitting a night on the town, don’t forget your on-site hair and makeup!

Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party Today

So what are you waiting for? With plenty of options to choose from, start brainstorming your perfect bachelorette weekend now.

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