Minneapolis Hair Artisan. Growing up on a farm in Wheatland, North Dakota, Tayler Camas knew what she was destined for. At the age of five, she was already an in-demand stylist for her friends and family. As one of five siblings, Tayler used her skills to barter — hair and make-up glamour sessions in exchange for chores. 

Immediately after finishing high school in 2009, Tayler moved to Minneapolis, the “big city,” to attend the Aveda Institute. She arrived not knowing anyone, but her inherent passion and desire to learn kept her moving forward. “I’ve always loved hair and fashion, and I wanted to be in a city to do that.” Paired with her career as a stylist working behind the chair, WarPaint International Beauty Agency is the perfect way to expand creatively and compliment her fast-paced career. 

Tayler is extremely passionate about special events, editorial beauty work, and bridal styling. “This industry is always changing, and I embrace change. I’m always go, go, go and I like to keep up with it. At the end of the day, making clients look and feel beautiful is what I strive for. There is no better feeling in the world to me, than a client leaving my chair feeling confident. It makes me feel creatively complete and that is the biggest reward ever!"