Ron "Maceo" Wright

President of Sales & Franchise Development. Ron Maceo Wright is a visionary entrepreneur and a results-oriented corporate leader who is passionate about sharing what he’s learned to help others succeed. His expertise is in leveraging a team of teams approach – decentralizing the decision making authority from the top down, dissolving barriers and creating leaders who see the value in listening.

Early in his career, while building his sales territories and mentoring his teams at two major corporations, Ron was also building his own entrepreneurial future. In 2006, he started what is now the largest mobile onsite professional auto detailing and car wash service in the Twin Cities area. Then, not content with just one successful start-up, in 2012 Ron launched JellyFeet365, manufacturing and distributing comfortable, reusable, waterproof foot protectors. 

With a focus on building his company’s value through compassion, giving back to his community, and long-term results rather than short-term profits, Ron has found a strategy that builds integrated purpose and sustainable success.

Ron's contributions to WarPaint International Beauty agency are:

  • Business Development for local, regional, and national expansion plans. 
  • Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
  • Implementation of Sales and Customer Service Roadmap.
  • Member, Board of Governors.