What is Professional Styled Shoot Production?

Businesses and brands of all sizes stay ahead of their competition with professional imagery. Stylized shoots are more than just someone taking pictures; its a way of selling a lifestyle. It makes the viewer or potential client feel warm, sophisticated, luxurious, safe or any other feeling that your real estate, automobiles, water craft, apparel line, resort, wedding center or other brand, wants your target audience to feel. 

Photography and videography will create a sense of adventure,  a sense of home, or a sense of one's self. Whether you're offering a space for a newly wedded couple to hold their reception, offering properties as homes, or selling a brand lifestyle through retail and apparel - the viewer will ask themselves; "what does this hold for me?". Stylized shoots can create emotion and a need. Portraying what the viewer could imagine as their own lifestyle, will move your business from the masses to the "must-have".

Marine Stylized Lifestyle Shoots. Photo Credit: Stephen Hyde

Marine Stylized Lifestyle Shoots. Photo Credit: Stephen Hyde

Why would I commission a stylized shoot?

We work with individuals, companies, agencies and corporations. There are many reasons to produce a stylized shoot. Here are just some ideas:

  • Event centers showcasing timeless weddings or experiential space rentals.
  • Real estate brokerages / agents creating emotional lifestyle-purchase behavioral marketing. 
  • Automobile companies or dealerships portraying lifestyle choices.
  • Boat / watercraft manufacturers or dealerships portraying lifestyle choices.
  • Private clubs & organizations creating emotional membership marketing.
  • Themed restaurants offering era or genre specific marketing. 
  • Liquor companies and vineyards portraying brand culture choices. 
  • Apparel / retail brands showcasing products, lines or ideas.
  • Food / Bev companies portraying health and lifestyle choices.
  • Animal / pet companies creating emotion for adoption or foster care. 
  • Holiday / genre themed concepts for spaces, lifestyles and rental. 
  • Hotels & Resorts showcasing holiday lifestyle options and spaces.
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WarPaint International brings the power of professional photos, videos, and styled production.

We specialize in the professional production and management of stylized shoots for businesses, brands, and concepts of all kinds.

Business Class, Luxury Lifestyle

Business Class, Luxury Lifestyle

A professional stylized shoot can range in price from $3500 to as much as $100, 000. Most medium to large sized businesses that are eager to capture the essence of what their lifestyle brings into the homes or lives of their target customers, will realistically spend somewhere between $6,000 to $15,000 for professionally produced concepts which may include: 

  • professional models.
  • hair & makeup artistry concepts.
  • venue procurement.
  • hand selected photographers to match your specific project. 
  • hand selected videographers to match your specific project.
  • accessory and vendor sourcing
  • professional wardrobe, real estate, brand and automobile styling.
  • theme & concept design. 
  • project management. 
  • production & execution.
Hotel & Resort Lifestyle Shoots

Hotel & Resort Lifestyle Shoots

Styled Shoot Video Production

Client Experiences

From Editorial work and Brides-to-be, to Corporate production and consumer beauty - WarPaint International Beauty Agency has award-winning solutions that deliver luxurious and intimate experiences.

View our Client Experiences and media kit to see some of the brands we work with. 

Inspirational Styled Shoot Photography

Hotel / Resort Stylized Lifestyle Shoots. Photo Credit: Stephen Hyde

Hotel / Resort Stylized Lifestyle Shoots. Photo Credit: Stephen Hyde

Start Your Project

The cost of professionally produced Stylized Shoots correlates to the complexity of the shoot. If the product or service requires a studio shoot versus a shoot on location. If the shoot requires additional help (models, stylists, rentals, etc). Post production editing and touch-ups factor extensively in to the cost of the shoot.

Be sure to consider where you would like this product to be published. Is this for internal purposes? Print? Web only? This will help us determine the budget and price. Be clear as to where you want to use the images and what your turn over time is. Be sure to request some options for delivery and be open to packages. You will retain all rights to the images and videos. 

Video is the most powerful marketing tool on the internet. Read more about its brutal reality marketing your business with video here.

We've Been Published in

Want your Stylized Shoot published? There are no guarantees, but its part of the process. If you elect to do so, we'll pitch your production to major industry blogs, magazines and other media sources until its picked up or our options are exhausted.