Melissa Tomfohrde - Minneapolis Makeup Artist

Melissa - Minneapolis Makeup Artisan

What makes your artistry unique?: I really strive to make my clients feel special when they are in my chair. I want them to feel listened too and extremely comfortable. My goal is always to have my clients leave my chair happy and feeling excited about their makeup application.

What inspires you? Working on set with multiple creative individuals to create and tell a story. I specifically get inspired by by the energy from the clients in my chair, which allows me to decide the direction I want to go in for doing their hair and makeup.

Style Icon: Grace Kelly and Debbie Harry. Yes they are extremes, but I love to change my style between my moods and sometimes classic and timeless works and other times I want to be edgy and wild like Debbie Harry.

Hobbies/Interests: I’m a very active person, I love rollerblading, running, and paddleboarding around the lakes in Minneapolis. Music is my motivates me every day and I probably spend too much money on concert tickets, but live music excites the soul. I love to travel and usually have a minimum of 2-3 trips planned a year. And to unwind in my busy life you’ll find me cooking fabulous meals paired with the right wine for my friends and family multiple times a week.

WarPaint Artisan Since: February 2018

Specialty: I get booked by a lot of clients because of my natural clean beauty looks that look great on everyone. My goal is to always enhance my clients natural beauty. I love to pick a client’s favorite feature; whether it be, their eyes, their cheeks, their lips and really make that the focal point of the makeup application.

Education & Experience: I have a bachelors in business administration and a certificate in communication obtained 2009. I originally was in the corporate world for five years before realizing I wanted to follow my passions in the beauty industry. In 2014, I attended Faces ETC of MN to become professionally trained in makeup artistry. I have been freelancing now for 4 years in the beauty industry. I have enjoyed doing makeup for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from PGA Ryder Cup, Women’s Running Magazine, Buffalo Wild Wings, Inside Edition, and countless brides and bridal parties each weekend.

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