Makeup Lessons & Classes

WarPaint International Artisans show you makeup tips & tricks in your home or office! Just choose the class that is right for you and click the "Book Now" button to get started. 

1-on-1 Grab Bag Class: $150

In this 90 minute session we do a consultation of the products you already own, give you professional opinions on them, what you could add to your arsenal, and what you can edit including skin care.

Then we teach you a technique from one of our Signature look book applications. Naturally you, Day time you, Sun kissed you, Glam you, Classic you, Rebel you or whatever look you would like to achieve. We will SHOW you the technique on one side of your face, then we will guide you, as you apply the look onto your other half.



Morning Makeup in 15 Minutes:

Host as model $250. Two Warpaint Artisans $395.

For the Gal on the go. Round up to 5 of your girlfriends who would like to learn how to look their best in just 15 mins of everyone’s morning routine. In this two hour class watch two of our WarPaint Artisans teach you tips and tricks to make your morning makeup routine easier. Or, as the host of the party, be the model yourself and let your friends watch as you become quickly enhanced for the stage of life.

This is a tell, show class only.

The Wedding Party: $350

with up to 5 bridesmaids.

2 hours for the bride on a budget or a destination wedding, bachelorette party. ** water proofing, layering the right products for longevity.