The WarPaint Signature Life Membership

Purchase a life membership for you or as a gift. Enjoy Hair & Makeup for Life.

The Investment

The Benefits

Long Term Value

WarPaint International offers a life membership to our Signature Beauty Membership.

The gift of a Life Membership to yourself or your loved one will afford hair and / or makeup services, on-demand and on location - every single month with online scheduling. For Life. 

For the Busy Socialite

Hair and Makeup. Every month. For Life. Need we say more? WarPaint International offers a luxurious experience where you want it and when you need it with our Signature Life Membership. You'll be able to use it in any city that WarPaint International has Hair & Makeup Artisans.

Let's do the math. The average blowout at a salon across the board is roughly $60. The average makeup application at a counter or boutique is $50. That's $110 / month or $1320 / year. This is conservative.

Reality. The average active female spends more than $5,000 / year on hair, makeup, nails and other beauty related services all the while driving to these locations to have services performed. $5,000 per year is $416 / month. With the WarPaint Signature Life Membership, you make a small investment of $10,000 into our company, you receive the ability to schedule hair or makeup twice a month (or both in one sitting). 

That's $27 a month for two on-location beauty services at your home, office or event for the next 30 years. 

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Here are some answers to common questions.

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How long is a "Life Membership?

For life. As long as you are alive and WarPaint International has Artisans providing services in the city in which you reside, your membership is valid OR as long as WarPaint International offers Artisan Services. Presumably forever.

How often can I receive services?

Twice per month. You may book makeup applications or hair styling. You also have the option of booking one of each service in a single booking.

Can I accumulate services?

No. Just like our regular beauty membership, your value in the bottom line. Whether you use them all or just half the time, you have the single best value in the beauty industry across the nation. We also come to you and save your time and gas. Once a month rolls over you simply reset your two beauty bookings.

Are beauty add-ons included?

No. Just like our regular beauty membership, false lashes, air-brush or clip-in hair extensions are extras that many Artisans may offer and are willing to perform, however they will be charged for according to our services menu in your respective city.

How can I purchase a Life Membership?

You may purchase a life membership by clicking the "Purchase Now" button on this page and adding the memberhsip to your cart, then complete the check out process. Becuase we are offering profit sharing through B shares of our company to life members, we understand you may need to pay by company check, personal check, bank issued, check or by cash. That's ok; just email from the inquiry form.

What is the value of my share in the company?

Along with your WarPaint Signature Life Membership, you'll receive a 1% B share of our company to participate in profit sharing. As the company grows, the value of your share will increase in value.

Where do your Artisans travel?

WarPaint International Artisans travel with in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Mankato in Minnesota. They also travel throughout the great Manhattan and sourrounding Boroughs of New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Do I have to pay travel fees?

Not if you're within our regular service area. If your location falls outside of our regular service area, the standard IRS rate of .56 per mile will apply to the round trip, per Artisan.

Can I purchase a life membership as a gift?

Absolutely. The online check out form will ask you if you are gifting this membership and what the name and contact of that person is.

Is my life membership tax deductable?

No. It may be creatively tax deductable if your company is purchaing it for a member of your business. Please consult your accountant.