Joey Martin. Financial Controller for WarPaint International Beauty Agency.
I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me
— Terence {Roman Playwright 160 BC}

Joey Martin


What makes your style unique? Joey Martin has a unique ability to clearly and quickly analyze the “10,000 foot view” and communicate that effectively into manageable strategies that are crucial components to the continued growth of WarPaint International™. His experience with entrepreneurial enterprises, finance and banking, philanthropic organizations and small business strategic consulting is extensive and lends to his mastery in the art of business management.

What inspires you? The hero’s journey. The classic mythos of someone who finds the strength and grit to endure overwhelming obstacles and gives their life to something bigger than oneself. A common theme throughout all human history and often overlooked at a micro level. Every day people commit small acts of heroism which inspire, even the mere act of getting out of bed can be seen as this for some based on their circumstances. A parent to their child, a stranger helping those in need, a woman who boot strapped the idea to build this company—all potential examples of dedication to something greater where an everyday hero can be seen.

Style Icon: As eclectic as his business experience, Joey’s style inspirations are just as vast. Some of his favorite icons are:
Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Steve McQueen, George Clooney, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Richard Avedon, Kurt Cobain, Bear Grylls, The Kennedy Brothers and Marcello Mastroianni.

Interests: Management, Finance, Team Leadership, Social Media, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Social Networking, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Credit Analysis, Community, Organizational Leadership, Consulting, Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, Team Building, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking.

Hobbies: Philosophy, Psychology, History, Camping, Hiking, Running, Photography, Fishing, Golf, Football, American Football, Travel, Fine Scotch or Bourbon, Family.

WarPaint Executive Since: December 2013

Specialty: Strategy, Finance, Consulting.

Education & Experience: Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in General Studies with a European History Concentration from Southern New Hampshire University. Studied Business Administration at Cardinal Stritch University, Holds 7 certifications from Harvard Business School, and was awarded the National Engaged Leader Award from Honor Society Sigma Alpha Pi. He also is a partner in a Minneapolis based small business consulting firm, Armour Martin Consulting, LLC. Prior to WarPaint and Armour Martin, he had an 8 year career as a Mortgage Loan Officer with large and small banks, correspondent lenders and brokers. He also has or does serve in philanthropic organizations as CFO, Officer, President and Board Member.