Minneapolis2night.com knows that women in our fabulous Metro are constantly “on the go” whether it’s preparing for business meetings, sitting on various boards, or attending fabulous cocktail-sipping events. There’s always one thing we need to do before slipping on our shoes and making a dash. And that’s applying our makeup. We know that sometimes there’s not enough time in the morning or maybe you have all the time in the world but never really ‘mastered’ the art of make-up. Lucky for you we are offering a “Night on the Town” make up service for 2 from Warpaint International(Retail value: $100). For 2? Yes! Because who wants to look fabulous and go out alone?

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Minneapolis2night.com got the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Mae of Warpaint International, winner of RAW: Natural Born Artists Makeup artist of the year and your soon-to-be makeup consultant to learn more about her business, the common beauty mistakes most women make and how to master the ultimate “Red Lip”.

1. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other make up artists?

My business tag line says it all - "Prepare For Battle". Women go into battle every single day, there’s constantly a feeling of having to or wanting to look our best for our co-workers, significant others for work and play. My mission is to draw on the natural inspiration I get from every single individual - the curves of their face, their unique eyes and jawbones. I'm a big fan of the 1940's fashion time period as well as pin up girls. I love creating that look of fun, sultry beauty while maintaining a natural glow.

What sets me apart? I only take on clients that I can handle and I listen very carefully. My mission is to deliver flawless looks that make women feel beautiful. There's a certain level of customer service and empathy that comes along with that. If it takes three hours to perfect your wedding look in your bridal dry run, then we'll do three hours. It’s all about you!

2. What's the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Don't be afraid to try new things--if you don't like it, you can wash it off and start over. My most important beauty advice is when applying your ‘every day’ makeup, choose a focal point. If you want to play up your eyes, keep your lips more neutral and if you want to play up your lips keep your eyes more neutral. Another experimental: blush. I recommend sweeping on a light shade and use a highlighter of some kind to pop your cheek bones. That way you're never over powering your look.

3. What are some of the most common beauty mistakes women make?

One of the biggest mistakes women make is wearing the wrong foundation shade. You want to avoid the “definite line” where the foundation stops along the jaw line. The easiest way to do this? Have a professional match you up. Avoid using the back of your hand as your shade guide. Also, heaviest coverage is not the best coverage. Unfortunately heavy creams and liquids give off a “cakey” look. While full coverage foundation is great for ‘special’ events it’s not always meant for every day. I recommend using a mineral based foundation (don’t forget your primer!) whether it’s a powder or liquid, you can get the coverage you desire without looking 'cakey'. My favorite mineral makeup line is Arbonne. Their makeup is safe to use and has anti-aging benefits! Who doesn't love that?

4. What are some of your favorite products in your make up kit?

I love my red lipstick from Mac! It's the perfect shade and always gives that sassy and sexy look. Another “favorite” is my makeup primer from Arbonne. It's without a doubt the best primer on the market and I never let a client leave my chair without using it before applying foundation. It gives a smooth, flawless look to your complexion every time. Another ‘must have’ is mascara. It’s essential ladies, let’s face it.

5. Ah, yes the dreaded red lip! Some have mastered it while other sadly look like clowns. What’s your ‘red lip’ tip?

#1. Picking the color. Look for shades with a more blue under tone vs. an orange or seek a professional to match your skin tones.

#2. Make sure to buy the matching pencil liner (pencil blends easier) with a sharp point. Fill in your lips a bit with the liner to help your lipstick application (it even stays on longer). Once you've done that apply the lipstick & blot with a tissue when you're done.

#3. Don't over emphasize the lips with accessories like red nails or matching shoes.

BONUS TIP: If you have pale skin, only apply mascara, no eyeliner. I recommend black and dark tones for brunettes and brown tones for natural redheads and blondes. Younger women can get away with bolder red colors; matured aged women will look better with a subdued red. Blending colors on the lips is also a great technique to match the rest of the face and come up with the perfect red. Often the "clown" effect will always happen if you simply purchase red lipstick and just put it on as a focal point.

6. Most Metro women want the gorgeous and effortless look--but only have 10 minutes in the morning. What are some essentials women need to have that complete "I just stepped out of a salon look?"

To get a fabulous polished look in 10 minutes you'll need the following: *Primer (apply to eye lids and face)

*Mineral Foundation

*Mascara (Haute & Naught by Mac is a personal favorite)

*Soft Colored Eye Shadow (Daytime: Light Peachy Pink)

*Eyeliner (Daytime: Line top only and add the Bottom line for Happy Hour)


*Lip Gloss

It may seem like a lot but after a few applications it will take less than 10 minutes. You can also modify this regimen by taking out the eye shadow and liner and add an extra coat of mascara to make your eyes pop!

7. What is the hottest upcoming Fall 2012 make up trend that we should be on the look for?

Plum and fuchsia! You're going to see it in all areas of fashion. For makeup novices, the easiest way to incorporate bold colors is with your eyes. Pop some plum shadow into the outer corners of your eyes to give them a smoky flair, and if you want to step out of the box you can apply a fuchsia shadow to your entire lid (stopping at the crease). For lips: make sure you make them your focal point of your look by keeping your eyes nude and apply a good coat of mascara.

8. What else would you like Minneapolis2night readers to know about?

Warpaint offers VIP services for weekends in the city, bachelorette parties and romantic getaways. For the single woman looking for and entire day of pampering to a group night on the town or a couples retreat with car service, personal services, luxury suites and breakfast for two. Warpaint can deliver. We've built out relationships and have hand selected businesses that can make your entire weekend a smash hit. Warpaint manages it all for you. Just purchase the package and we'll handle the details.

Rules and Regulations: Subject to availability on requested date. Gratuity is not included. One person may not combine the value of both service for a different service or apply it to bridal service or something different. Service is based on two people regardless if two show up and rendered on date requested.

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