Prepare For Battle™

As the Founder of WarPaint International, I get asked all of the time "What does Prepare For Battle mean?" or sometimes I'll receive statements like ", Prepare For Battle is a pretty bold/abrasive tag line for a beauty company!". To statements like that I say, "Yes, it is a bold tag line, but it is also powerful. It is inspiring and it resonates with our clients.". However, answering the question of "What does Prepare for Battle mean." is a bit more in depth.

In today's world of smart phones, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and everything in-between, we are constantly on stage. From first dates and girls nights out to job interviews and important meetings at work; the pressure to look our best is on! Not to mention, with social media at our finger tips, images of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and super model "perfect" looking humans flash across our screens more times than we can count. Combine this with all we have happening in our lives with family, relationships, careers, life's special events, etc... it can feel like we are always "on". As if life is a performance of sorts.

At WarPaint International we are all about simplifying our client's lives by offering convenient beauty on demand services. The tag line of our company is "Prepare For Battle". The phrase is meant to relate to you however you may perceive it, but this is what it means to me...

Prepare For Battle is about equipping myself or a client with the confidence and inspiration to take on the stage of life. For me, creating a beautiful makeup application is about so much more than just the makeup. As a makeup artist it is my job to highlight my clients natural beauty from the inside out, and give them an experience that leaves them feeling and looking their very best. You truly glow from the inside out when you know you look good, one feeds the other. 

Photo courtesy of: Phoenix Memories

Photo courtesy of: Phoenix Memories

The services we provide at WarPaint International truly set our clients up for success. From a smokey eye to achieving those perfect soft waves, we prepare you for the stage of life. Marilyn Monroe said it best, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." I believe the same thing when it comes to hair and makeup, and it's not because I want our clients to think that they have to wear makeup or have their hair done in order to be beautiful. Our mission at WarPaint is to create an experience through artistry that empowers our clients to take on the world. That mentality goes beyond the perfect red lip or a perfect top knot...that confidence comes from within. 

In a nutshell, "Prepare For Battle" is all about empowerment, confidence and not being afraid to show the world your perfectly imperfect beauty.

Life is a stage, Prepare for Battle!

Jessica Mae

** Jessica Mae is the Founder & Creative Director for WarPaint International Beauty Agency. Read more about her HERE.

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