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DIY Inspired Wedding: Include step-by-step instructions and a picture of the final product for each DIY project that you submit.

Budget Friendly Wedding: If you managed to throw an amazing wedding on a budget, we’d love to see how it turned out.

Luxury & Excellence: If you had a wedding, engagement, boudoir shoot or lifestyle event that competes with "high society", we'd love to feature you. 

Cultural: Did you infuse bits of your culture into your affair? We love traditional, modern and infusion cultural events.

Inner Beauty: This means something different to everyone. Tell us your story; what does beauty really mean to you?

Weddings, Inspirational Shoots, Videos, etc.

Upload 40-100 (at the most) images, at least 900px wide, a detailed description of the event, and a complete list of vendor credits, including urls. We only accept submissions through this form. If you need to contact us directly, you may do so at

- Please submit at least 15 photos or a video.

- Please provide a description.

- Please credit all vendors involved.

WarPaint International considers various types of content for the "Beauty Blog". 

  • Industry Pros - Tips, Advice and Opinions.
  • Reviews on latest trends.
  • Partnering businesses - trending topics.
  • Stylized shoots - Wedding, Lifestyle.
  • Real Weddings - Feature your wedding here. 

For Guest Bloggers & Industry Pros.

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