Amy Stenstrom - Bridal Consultant WarPaint International Beauty Agency

Amy - Bridal Consultant

What makes your process unique?: Amy was a WarPaint International bride before becoming a bridal consultant for WPI. She was thrilled with the amazing, picture-perfect services she received and wanted to be a part of the process of helping other brides.

What inspires you? Rachael Ray inspires me! She is my favorite person! I aspire to be like her: great cook, energetic, optimistic, and she doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Style Icon: Rihanna! Love her edgy style.

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking and yoga. Both reflect my passions for nutrition and a balanced life

WarPaint International Consultant since: Shortly after her wedding in April of 2017.

Education & Experience: Amy is currently a nurse and is going to school for her Masters in Nutrition Education in hopes of becoming a nutritionist. She has a passion for hair and makeup as a way to express yourself.

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